The Enormity of Eternity

I would like you to join me on a short diversion.  Take a moment to quiet your heart and mind.  Invite our Lord Jesus to join you in a special and real way, right where you are. Enter into the presence of the Lord. Enjoy his nearness, and allow him to melt away all fears, anxieties and worries.

Next take some time to reflect on all the events in your life.  Think about all the wonderful and not-so-wonderful things that you have experienced. Recall the sights, sounds and feelings associated with these events.  Relive those moments.  Feel the feelings; see the sights; hear the sounds.

Now pick out one second from all of those memories, just one single second.  Take a moment to ponder that one solitary second.  What can you say about that second in time?  It is just a single snapshot. It is so incredibly brief.  It is almost impossible to focus on that one point in time without seeing the countless seconds that surround it, right?

Compare that one second to the rest of your life.  To put it into perspective, let us say that we live to be 75 years old.  During that lifespan, we would have experienced more than 2,365,200,000 individual seconds.  That is more than 2 billion seconds!  Blows your mind, doesn’t it?

Now,  none of us lives each second as if it is the last or it is an isolated unit by  itself.  We know, however, that once that second passes by, it is gone forever.  The effect of that particular second may or may not have an impact upon the rest of our life, but it is gone nonetheless.

When we look at the totality of our seemingly long lives, that one second is but a drop in the ocean.  It is such an infinitely small part of the whole that we do not give it another thought.  In short, the seconds in our lives do not mean much to us.

Now consider this: when we really and truly examine our lives against eternity, our 75 years or so in this life is just as insignificant as that single second in the span of our lives.  This changes our perspective, doesn’t it?

No matter how hard we try to deny, avoid or minimize the reality of eternity, each and every one of us will have to face it in the hour of our death.  Will we live our lives as if the present moment is all there is, or will we embrace the eternal truth that our present lives are just a preparatory journey toward our eternal home?  How we answer this question will have a huge impact upon where we end up in the enormity of eternity.

Oh, my loving Lord Jesus, please help me to keep your eternal perspective during my brief journey here on Earth, so that I might be worthy of spending eternity with you!

2 Peter 3:8 (NAB)
But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like one day.

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