It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Seattle Sunset
Colorful Seattle sunset

I was hauling about three tons of scrap steal and had a blow-out on one of the trailer tires. I was on hwy 40 in Chesterfield. I found out that the tire was not a common one. I had no jack and no cash on me. Sounds pretty bad right? Well check this out. I was blessed to have a motorist see the flat and tell me. I was able to limp the truck and trailer off the highway. After several inquiries with no luck finding a tire, I drove just one more mile and found a tire shop that had the tire I needed! And to top it off, my friend decided to follow me home (which he never does) and he paid for the tire. See, it is all about the perspective! Nobody got hurt and there were blessings all around.

– Shared by my friend Donald Matzker


Photo credit: wildpianist | Chris Tarnawski (CreativeCommons)

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