I Know the End from the Beginning…

I received this encouraging word from my dear friend Lisa a while back…

I know the end from the beginning. Carefully, I construct your life amidst sin, disobedience, demonic interference, free will —- so many seeming hindrances in your eyes. To Me, they are all part of the plan and this is why I seek your obedience, submission, and humility.

Clearly, you know not the next step. Yet I know them all in My infinite, loving wisdom. Who are you to say to a given event, “Wonderful” or “Terrible” when your vision is so near-sighted? I am working in all your situations no matter how they appear and I work only for your good, because I love you and you are Mine.

Your faith in Me is a gift, one given to help you survive the times between My promises and their fulfillment in manifestation. All perish without hope and only My promises can give you perfect hope. It is My favor that delivers the promise; it is My sovereign will that brings it to fruition.

The words of your prayers are shaped like arrows, not to rest on the air, but to go straight to the heart of the Father who receives them with love. Every prayer has its arrow. Be certain of receiving an answer: if He doesn’t give you the answer you were hoping to get, it will be another -– a better one. If not now, then when you arrive in your Forever Home. You can never lose by trusting Me. You are always heard by the One who is enthroned in your very center.

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