Grassroots Groundswell of Change

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My Journey Begins

About a year or so ago, the Lord started having me look more deeply into first the threat of radical Islam, then the issue of gun ownership and finally the attacks on our right to free speech. Before beginning this journey, I was rather ambivalent about all of these issues, since my main focus was then, always has been, and always will be, on growing in holiness and intimacy with our Lord. In addition, I didn’t think that these were really that important to our country as a whole and to me as a citizen, at least not important enough to pay them much attention. After all, there are many more urgent and important things to worry about, right?

Well, under the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit, I started looking at each of these issues from every angle, beginning admittedly with what the mainstream media (Hollywood, network news, entertainment industry, etc.) had taught us, and dissecting the underlying assumptions and logic of their assertions.

Looking Outside the Box

When I started looking at the other viewpoints related to these issues, the journey began to take all kinds of unexpected twists and turns. As I did this with an open mind, the underlying assumptions and arguments surrounding the different viewpoints and perspectives began coming into much clearer focus for me. While reflecting upon these, I became amazed at how they actually lined up with the eternal vision, the precepts in the Word of God and the teachings of the Church.

Influence of the Evil One

Slowly, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, I began to understand, to a much deeper extent than I had before, how insidious the influence that Satan and his minions have exercised in our media, our schools, our financial systems and our political affairs. When I finally came to a personal realization of the extent, breadth and depth of the lies we had been fed, it came as a shock to me and my initial reaction was one of anger. I got down on my knees, put my face to the ground and asked “Lord, how could we have been so utterly misled?”  I then asked the Lord what He was showing to me, why He was showing it to me, and what He wanted me to do in response. The deep sense I got was that I was that He wanted me to continue my research, and also to be prepared to speak up when I see people speaking lies and half-truths.

Battle Happening All Around Us

Because I accept the Bible as the inspired Word of God and I believe what it says, I had always known, at least on an intellectual level, that the physical world is the domain of the devil, and I often had the ability to recognize his hand in specific events that take place. But the Lord was slowly opening the eyes of my heart to a deeper awareness of the spiritual battle going on around us, how it is being played out in the here and now, and the extent of its reaches to the highest reaches of society.

In Training

The amazing thing is that all through this journey, the Lord never allowed me to fall into a state of despair or fatalism. Rather, through it all I was getting a sense that He was (and still is) maturing, teaching and strengthening me in preparation to fight the good fight.

Seeing the Groundswell

As I continued to prayerfully reflect on all that the Lord was showing me, I really began to see is that in an almost imperceptible, under-the-radar manner, there is a grassroots revolution going on, which I truly think is of the Lord. I can clearly see the Lord’s hand in it, not because of what is happening, but rather because of:

  • How it is happening
  • Where it is taking root
  • How many people are taking part in it
  • How it is cutting across all social, ethnic, racial, religious and economic barriers, and
  • How no single group can take credit for it

About the only areas in the US where it has not caught fire yet are in the large population centers on the east and west coasts. Yet even here the embers have fallen and are starting to smolder.

What is This Groundswell?

What exactly is this grassroots groundswell that I am describing here? Well, I believe that it has begun as a certain uneasiness, a deep sense in the innermost being that change is coming, something foundational, is imminent. For those of us who were blessed to have grown up on or around a farm, do you recall those times when the animals were acting in an extremely agitated manner, even though there was no apparent danger like having a predator nearby? After you investigated and found nothing out of the ordinary, you instinctively realized that this agitation was signaling that a storm is on the horizon even though it is sunny and beautiful outside. Well, many, many Americans have had this same inexplicable sense of foreboding, and they are starting to recognize that it is alerting them to see the signs of the times.

A Threat on the Horizon

Very slowly, they have begun to recognize the very real threat posed to the United States by radical jihadist Islam. They recognize that the mainstream media and the current administration is totally clueless about this threat. They recognize that this ignorance, willful or otherwise, poses a clear and present danger to the very existence of this great and beloved nation of ours. They recognize the need to go back in history and learn from the lessons taught by it. They understand that instead of being a greedy power grab as constantly portrayed by the media and academia, the true nature of the Spanish Inquisitions was actually that they were a last-pitch effort to save Europe from the Muslim conquest.

Fundamental Rights Under Attack

The men, women, children, families and communities that are caught up in this groundswell also understand the true meaning of the US Constitution and the rights it was intended to preserve for all Americans. They recognize the degree to which these rights have been under constant attack for almost a hundred years. They are keenly aware of exactly what will happen if these rights are taken away. They recognize that we are already on a very slippery slope to losing them all, and they understand, perhaps now more than ever. how utterly important it is to fight to keep all of those rights.

Dangers of Censorship

They recognize that any attempt at censorship, no matter how much it can be “justified” through emotional appeals or rationalized with good-sounding half-truths, is only the first step toward the eventual obliteration of the First Amendment. They are also beginning to understand just how insidious the attack has been upon the freedom of religion has been and how precarious is the current state of the Church in the United States.

Responsibility of Bearing Arms

In addition, these folks recognize the true value of responsible gun ownership. They recognize that guns are tools, and nothing to be afraid of. They recognize that it is the responsibility of every able man, woman and child to have a deep respect for guns, and use them for the protection of society at large. They recognize that the mere presence of guns in the general population serves as a very powerful deterrent to criminal acts of all kinds.

Partners with Law Enforcement

These people who are part of this groundswell recognize that the police officers of their communities cannot reasonably be expected to protect them in the event of an attack by a criminal, for they can only show up after the crime has been committed. They recognize that they themselves must work with law enforcement to provide the first line of defense for themselves and their loved ones.

Gun Control?

They recognize the absolute insanity, and the satanic inspiration of any form of “gun control”, regardless of the excuses used to implement it, even to the tiniest degree. They understand, through personal experience, logical thought and empirical evidence, that there is an inverse causal relationship between legal gun ownership and crime level in a locality. They understand that any level-headed, clear-thinking person need look no further than Chicago and DC to see the confirmation of this.

Spreading Under the Radar

This groundswell of recognition is happening right now at the grassroots level in America. It is spreading across the land in an almost imperceptible manner, seemingly like the wind that blows here and there, never announcing where it will go next. The mainstream media is absolutely clueless about it and continually pontificates the need for more control. The current administration refuses to see it and behaves as if it doesn’t even exist. The general populace of the large metropolitan cities, especially those on the coasts, have no idea it is happening. The anti-gun activists and anti-Second Amendment cronies either do not recognize it, or they blow it off and label it as some kind of irrational, fear-loaded, reactionary fad steeped in the ignorance of the masses.

Gaining Momentum

Yet, with all of this opposition, or perhaps because of it, this groundswell is gaining traction and momentum. More and more Americans are waking up from their media-induced slumber and starting to recognize all the signs of the times. As they each make a personal, critical examination of the issues at play, they are beginning to see for themselves the unshakable logic, the utter reasonableness, the real common sense and the eternal precepts that were so brilliantly crafted into the foundational documents of this great nation, called the Constitution and its accompanying Bill of Rights.

Entering into Battle

In response to this groundswell, the men, women and children who are caught up in it are beginning recognize the need to educate, defend and fight for these inalienable rights. And they are responding in droves, seemingly coming out of the woodwork. They are researching what history and data really says about these rights. They are learning for themselves what happens when societies allow these rights to be taken away from them. They are making calm, rational defenses in every form of social media available to them. They are getting more active in politics at every level. They are engaging in honest dialog with their friends and family members who have bought into the lies, asking them thoughtful questions to provoke more honest examination of the things they believe. And they are getting down on their knees, offering heart-felt prayers to the Lord of the universe.

Waking the Sleeping Giant

These people who are caught up in this groundswell recognize the need to take action and are responding to the clarion call to let their voices be heard in the political arena. Generations of folks who have not voted in decades are getting actively involved in the current presidential election. They are waking up and exclaiming “Enough is enough!” The sleeping giant of Americans is beginning to fight to take back all that has been stolen from them.

Trumped the Election

They have especially recognized that there is one man whom their Lord has destined to provide the true leadership this country so desperately needs, and have thrown their support behind him in ways that were utterly inconceivable one short year ago. They took to social media to shut down every lie and half-truth thrown at this man. They registered to cast their votes early in record-breaking numbers. They filled stadiums to overflowing at every rally that this man participated in. The scope, breadth and depth of the response to this man has been unprecedented. And they pulled off what is being called the greatest upset in US election history.

Hand of God in it All!

All of these observations, and innumerable more like them, serve only to illustrate and confirm my assertion that the source of this grassroots groundswell is none other than the Creator of the Universe, the God of heaven and earth, the Lord of all, and the Father of us all. To Him be all glory, honor, power and praise!

the Word

So have no fear of them; for nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.

Matthew 10:26 (RSV2CE)


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  1. You found words that skillfully express this shift in awareness among so many. Now we pray aggressively to cover the new leadership, and ask for God’s wisdom to be revealed in and through them. Continue to speak boldly, my friend.

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