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Michael Sheaver Winter 2011
Winter 2011

Who is Michael Sheaver?

Michael is a born-again, Spirit-filled, deeply contemplative Roman Catholic who started following the Lord at the age of 15.

Michael and his lovely wife Connie have been married seven years now, and currently live in Vienna, Virginia, USA.

Michael’s current hobbies include: computer programming, web design, social networking, myriad church activities, satisfying an insatiable hunger for all things divine and most importantly, growing ever deeper in love and intimacy with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Michael’s tools of choice include MacBook Pro Retina, iPhone and iPad Air.

Michael’s preferred Bible study software is Verbum running on all his tools of choice. Verbum is hands down the best scripture study platform available out there, developed by Faithlife, the same group company that develops Logos.


  1. Hi Michael.

    Thanks for sharing your blog. Lots of good stuff and inspiring thought. It was great to meet you yesterday and hear some of your testimony.

    When the weather gets more predictable we’ll have to get together for a bar-b-q and have Jennifer and Connie meet each other.

    Bye for now.


    • It is sooo good to hear from you bro, and thanks for the blessings! I saw your page on Facebook, and am really glad to see you and Kim pursuing your lifelong passion of photography. The shots are incredible! (but not surprising 🙂 ) Keep giving glory to God!

  2. Great words and great images – i stumble cross your site by accident, can tell your truly born again, I myself have experienced many visitations from the Lord, can’t explain them all, but I am thankful xxx

    Jimmy, London – Romans 13v8

  3. A beautiful site, like the man that built it!
    we so enjoyed our visits and look forward to more.
    You and connie have a safe trip to DC and stay in touch.
    love you both,
    Dick & Vicki

  4. Hey, Michael!

    I know you and Connie are on the road today en route to DC but wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks for your friendship and great example. I’m glad that Connie insisted on me having your card before you left Bldg A yesterday. It won’t be the same without you and Connie around and we’ll be fervently anticipating your FREQUENT visits! 🙂



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